blue-eyed darner This 1996 picture is of "Mr. Blue", our first Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly who is on Typha mimima on the 'lawn side' of the pond. He presumably is the father of all the nearly 60 Blue-eyed Darners who emerged from the pond in 1997! Next to/& below him is his son, `Blue Jr.' 1997

BLUE `97

Blue Jr. forms a mating `wheel'.

blue-eyed darner This Mrs. Blue-eyed is the same color her mate, and is seen here inserting her eggs into the stem of Creeping Primrose. And below is another view of another female Blue-eyed Darner doing the same. This female is of the 2nd type that does not have the same coloration as the male.
Blue-eyed darner ovipositing

All our dragonfly and damselfly species prefer to lay their eggs in, on or around the Creeping Primrose. Some of the Blue-eyeds have even chose to emerge from their larval state and metamorphose into their adult form on it. Click here to see a few pictures of Blue-eyed Darners emerging (night time flash shots).