Dragonflies at our Mt. Shasta pond, Dragonfly Roost, Summer 2008

In it's 3rd season, the pond attracted several new species of dragonflies, and both 12-spotted and 4-spotted skimmers bred in large numbers.
We now have seen 10 species of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) visiting the pond including 12-spotted Skimmers, Western Forktails, Black Saddlebags, Shadow Darners, Pacific Forktails, Common Green Darners, Cardinal Meadowhawks, Black-fronted Forktails, Variegated Meadowhawks, and Swift Forktails (we might have introduced this one on plant matter), and Four-spoted Skimmer,

newly emerged 12-spotted Skimmer(July)

Pacific Forktail male(July)

Variegated Meadowhawk(July)

female Variable Darner(August)