This is our 2nd bear visitor, he came in while we were eating dinner on the deck in 2011.
He came in for a drink of water while we drank our wine. I had the camera near by and quickly took this pix:

Thankfully he didn't want anything other than a drink, and I was able to zoom in and get a few more shots:

The green spots on him are California Stickweed seeds. He'd walked thru them to approach the pond.

In fact, he gave us a sour look after his drink, sort of like,
Geeze, there are humans here!! There goes the neighborhood!!
And he turned around and lumbered off. Due to low-light, our camera couldn't handle the movement.
We would have preferred that he turn around and run at this point.

But maybe it was just his poor eyesight - all that would have showed of us would have been our heads!