Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon: A Field Guide
By Cary Kerst and Steve Gordon

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ISBN 978-0870715891 Oregon State University Press (May 1, 2011)

5.5 x 8.5 inches.

304 pages.

Includes all 91 species of Dragonflies and Damselflies found in Oregon. Also useful in all nearby states.

Full-color photographs by Cary Kerst and others.

Photos show males and females in suitable habitat.

Additional drawings illustrate difficult ID marks.

Authoritative text describes males, females, immatures, habitat, behaviors and life histories.

Includes the life cycle and larval habits of dragonflies and damselflies, along with photographs of the larvae of families.

Range maps show geographic distribution. Description of 30 best Oregon sites for observing dragonflies.

Tables of illustrations used as pictorial keys.

A complete set of range maps and a checklist are included as well.

REVIEW: "This attractive book, with its beautiful photographs, comprehensive and authoritative text, and even larval and distribution data should be in the library of all Oregonians and many others who are interested in nature."
--Kathy Biggs, author of Common Dragonflies of California, Common Dragonflies of the Southwest and the coloring book - Dragonflies of North America, A Color and Learn Book

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Unlike most dragonfly (and bird) guides, the authors did not try to cram four or five species onto a page but opted to have one page of descriptions followed by two large photos (of high quality), which is most welcome! Of course, thisis only possible in a state guide like this where the number of species is limited, and with book publishers who generously allow two full pages for each species. It does mean that the damsel photos are life size or close to it, and the dragonflies images are much larger than typically found outside of a computer monitor. And, the authors also included some nice extras, like a section on where to find odes in Oregon which is missing from most other guides, and some nice ID comparison pages. All in all, a very nice book which I'm sure I will use often! (I ordered a second copy for a friend and I think he'll also be delighted with it). Tom Kogut - Wildlife Biologist

We received our copy of Cary Kerst's new book today -- it is MARVELOUS! The book is very beautiful and useful. We like it so much that we would like to purchase a second copy. The original copy will stay in the library, and the second book will be the working copy, to take out into the field. Barbara and Ron Oriti - dragonfly enthusiasts/photographers

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